How can I book my transfer?

The most convenient way to book your transfer is to fill in the booking form at our website completely.
And you can reach us at any time by phone at +90 541 692 82 80
Also we’re on WhatsApp and IMessage.

How long in advance can I book and can I book short-time?

You can book at any time but we recommend you to book your transfer as soon as you got your travel documents or details.

Can I cancel my reservation / booking again?

You can cancel your booking without cancellation fee 48 hours before your transfer takes place.


How are the prices calculated?

The rates are calculated on the basis of zones. Our prices are fixed which you can find our website.

Are car seats provided?

We provide car seats for our younger passengers free of charge. If you state the exact age and number of your child(ren), we can provide an appropriate car seat for your child(ren).

How do I meet the driver at the airport?

Your driver will be expecting you at right outside of the terminal building, with a tag your name written on it. We’ll text your mobile phone number so you should give your mobile phone number (with thearea code) via our booking form so we can reach you.Also we’re on WhatsApp and IMessage.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

We monitor flight arrivals if it’s on time or not, so you should provide your flight number via our booking form or email. As a result we don’t charge you any extra fee if your flight is delayed.

With delays, your driver will wait for you either, or rebook you on the next appropriate transfer.